Every single day desperate applicants for the special social relief of distress grant which the president of South Africa announced in one of his state of the nation address on April.

The payment was to start in May and follow through to October making a total of six months.

This was to help unemployed people who have been one way or other lost their jobs or their source of livelihood.

In the initial stages, a chunk of the applicants were declined on the basis that they have other sources of income according to a certain database from the Department of Labour and employment.

But that was later dismissed because according to sassa, they have now a new and more updated version of the database which saw about eighty five percent (85%) of the declined applications overturned.

As a result sassa has come under intense pressure to make sure all these people are paid.

Payment Dates

Per the system been used by sassa to facilitate the process payments, after approval the applicant is either asked to go to the post office for his money or money deposited into the bank account of the applicant.

Now the issue is sometimes when the applicant checks his status, the application is approved but no payment dates. When this happens, the user(applicant) become frustrated.

It must however be noted that the end user in this case the applicant has no control over the payment date. It has to be set by the sassa system administrator. The date indicates when the payment was issued from sassa.

According to sassa, the turnaround time for payment to be effected to the applicant’s bank account or SMS sent to collect the money from the Post office takes 7 working days and may be a bit longer due high volume of applications.

It has to be noted that sassa has no fixed payment dates for the srd grant of R350. As such, as and when the application is screened and approved, sassa set individual dates for each applicant.

Don’t be obsessed when you are approved but no payment dates set on your srd dashboard or status.

So far, because of the huge volume of backlog of applications emanating from May, we only hope that after the May payment, subsequent payments months will be smooth as right now, all information must have submitted already.


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40 thoughts on “SASSA SRD R350 GRANT PAYMENT DATES 2020

  1. I apply for srd sassa 350 for my sons brother in may and it approved in may and I give the banking details and was successful but till now no payment he got

  2. Morning I applied for the grant early May and I was approved.. even today I have not got wondering if I will,I called post office they say I’m not on their now approved for June still no payment…I choose to be paid via Capitec bank three months ago.

  3. To whom and consend . Thanks for helping me for this difficult time I hope I will be helped some how thank you

  4. Hi this is Lizelle Swardt i want to know when will my second srd payment pay out my phone was stolen and therefore i have a new cell nr 067 131 3256 please send me sms on this number my id nr is 790616 0212 081

    1. Iam waiting for my pay day because when I check online status it says approved but without a date plz help me it’s been a while as today I’m still waiting my ID is 0003315386080

    2. I am Carina A. Stander and received my accepted sms on 31/07/2020. I was asked to provide you with my bank details. Addresses were given to go to for supplying this information, but when I go in on these addresses, it still does not provide me with a place to give you my bank details. Please inform me of how to do it. Thank you.

  5. I’ve applied on the 11 of may I’ve been approved on July my first payment was on the 6 of July and second one was 22of July since there was no SMS I went to the post office but come home empty handed they said I should wait for the SMS Iya ne people who applied after me got paid but me nothing please help

  6. Good day.i was using a Telkom starter pack so they robbed me phone that I v registered with my sassa is possible to change the previous number

  7. Morning, I’m Vuyelwa Mzomba I applied for the SRD grant on the 15.05. My application was declined bt I’m not receiving any income I’m not working. Pls check my application.

  8. Till today y brothers 350 has not been approved, it’s keeps on saying he needs to update, he doesn’t know how?. Plz help

  9. Till today my brothers 350 has not been approved, it’s keeps on saying he needs to update, he doesn’t know how?. Plz help

  10. I am NR Mohlala ID no:7508036170087 I applied and I am approved but I didn’t get paid till to day I use my brother s email address and his bank account can you please deposit the money in the account I submitted please

  11. I’m David Lucky Matseba i sense apply on 11 May till today I never got sms or approved message my id no:8507145289084

  12. This thing of being approved send bank details more than a month but no pay day is really frustrating since may until now no single sent

  13. Strange been unemployed for 2 years no income.. applied May has been declined. June still pending. It’s August now.. how long is this going to be pending… until its declined again? This is so frustrating

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