Sassa payment dates for 2020

SASSA Payment Dates 2020 – Get Paid

Sassa Payment Dates 2020

The South Africa Social Security Agency (Sassa) has made public the payment dates for the year 2020. In a media post released to the public, the following are the real payment dates fie 2020.

Are a direct beneficiary of the sassa grants or indirectly such as you parents, uncles or children or any other person closely related to you benefit from the grant, then please take not if the following dates as these are dates payments will issued into various accounts.

Usually sassa pays on the first day of the month unless the first day of the month falls on a public holiday or falls on weekend. If any of such cases occur, payment will be made the preceding working day.

Now here are the dates, take note

  • January. 2020 – 31 st December, 2019
  • February 2020 – 31 January, 2020
  • March 2020 – 28 February, 2020
  • April 2020 – 1st April , 2020
  • May 2020 – 30th April, 2020
  • June 2020 – 1st June, 2020
  • July 2020 – 1 July, 2020
  • August 2020 – 31st July, 2020
  • September 2020 – 1st September, 2020
  • October 2020 – 1 October, 2020
  • November 2020 – 30 October, 2020
  • December 2020 – 27th November, 2020
  • January 2021 – 31 st December, 2020
  • Sassa payment dates for 2020

The statement also advised beneficiaries not to go to the bank or ATMs before the said dates. Doing so will only results in disappointment.

As a warning to all beneficiaries, SASSA warns that all people should safely keep their cards as fraudsters are lurking in ambush everywhere to steal from them. They advised the people to keep their cards at safe place and if they cannot access the ATM as a result of old age or sickness or illiteracy, they should look for someone they can truly trust.

Government of south Africa is committed in province social support to its citizens who are disadvantaged.

In case on the said date or two days after you have not received any funds in your account, please make official complaints at the nearest sassa office for the issue to be redressed.

For more info visit sassa website

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5 thoughts on “SASSA Payment Dates 2020 – Get Paid

  1. I just want to now what must i do i must still see the doctors for my grant, or a sassa food parcel i did apply but i dt not hear anything

    1. Hope by now you have heard from then. SASSA was very busy.

      They are likely to resume work on the 11th /05/2020

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