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Mothers Collecting Child Support Grant Should Be Given SRD R350- Natasha Vally

Natasha Vally-
Mothers Collecting Child Support Grant Should Have Been Given SRD R350

Natasha Vally is a member of C19 People’s Coalition and also doubles as a Sociology Lecturer at the University of Cape Town. She together with other civil society organizations are calling for the extension of the SRD grant and an increase in the amount from R350 to R585.

She made this known during an interview with Metro FM.

Per the requirements for one to be qualified to receive the temporal Social Relief of Distress (SRD) grant, the applicant must have already been receiving grants from government.

Because of this, mothers who are not the direct beneficiaries of the children support grants cannot apply for the SRD grant.

According to these mothers (usually single mothers) the kids are the direct beneficiaries of the grant, they (mothers) are just recipients oh behalf of the children.

Because of this they too should be allowed to access the SRD grant….

The Civil Society Organizations are pressing hard on government through Social Development Department and SASSA to reconsider their decision.

According to these mothers the R440 grant is woefully inadequate to cater for the kids how much more they the mothers….


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4 thoughts on “Mothers Collecting Child Support Grant Should Be Given SRD R350- Natasha Vally

  1. I don’t think it would be fair to give existing child grants the R350 as well as we have to support our children on that little money and they get it every month until child is 18 and we only get until april . I don’t think it is fair.

  2. Yes we should get 350 because as motherly we are not allowed to use the child’s grand and we also have needs and wants please consider that

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