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Is it true that the SRD R350 Grant is extended to next year March?

Since early August social media is flooded with rumours that the government through sassa has extended the social relief of distress popularly know as R350 Grant to next year March.

As to where this kind of information is churning out from, nobody can tell.

After careful examination of the various popular and official news portals across South Africa, it became clear that, this is just some usual attempt by section of the public to promote fake stories for whatever reason best known to them.

Sassa nor government nor the social development department has officially communicated such news to the public.

So readers show treat such news as untrue and disregard them accordingly.

The social relief of distress was instituted as a temporary arrangement to give grant of R350 to vulnerable people especially those who are unemployed or have post their source of livelihood due the global pandemic.

South Africa is the top African country and among the world worst hit country as far as the virus is concerned.

As was done almost across all countries in the world, the country went into various stages of nationwide lockdown.

Only essential services were allowed to be carried out in such areas.

Sassa as a social security agency for the government was tasked to administer the payment of this money.

Those who were already beneficiaries of the sassa grant saw R250 and R500 increase according to the category they are found.

South Africa is the only country in Africa that have this kind of social support system for its underprivileged and vulnerable citizens.

The SRD grant of R350 is to end next month October.

Although, the payment has seen much success, it is still bewildered with irregularities such as payment to people who do not deserve including government employees and people E on still not paid despite the fact that they qualify approved to be paid.


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