how to appeal sassa srd grant

How To Appeal For SASSA SRD Unemployment Grant R350

In this article we discuss how to appeal for SASSA SRD unemployment grant of R350


Ever since the President announced the social relief of distress (SRD)grant millions of people applied for the grant of R350 which was to paid in a period of six months starting from May 2020 to October 2020. In the process for SASSA to ascertain of an applicant qualifies or not, the submitted documents of the applicant has to be screened thoroughly and vigorously goin through a series of government agencies such SARS, Home Affairs, NSFAS etc. to make sure the applicant indeed qualifies.

Earlier, it turns out that about half of the number that a[applied do not qualify which was characterized by agitations from he affected applicants and the general public. Due to this public outcry, SASSA had to relook at the criteria it used to measure applicant’s eligibility.

As a result of the second look, a new and updated database was generated. The new database later revealed that about 85% of the declined applicamnts do qualify and have been apprtoved to take their grant from various payment outlets including the Post Office and the individuals preffered bank account.

Appealing Your Decline

After the reversal fo the earlier mass decline of the srd R350 grant, hundreds of thousands of people have still been declined and there seems there is no way to appeal or seek redress for their decline. On 9th July, 2020, SASSA issued a statement reaffirming their resolve to make sure that every declined applicant is given a voice.

In the said statememt, they offered a dedicated email address and assured such affected ones that, special officials will solely be assigned to address such issues and give further details on the status of each applicant. if it happens that, there is the need to reinstate or reverse the decline decision, they would do, or if it requires that further explanation is given it will be done so.

SASSA SRD R350 Appealing Email

Find below the dedicated email address with dedicated staffs.

It is not clear yet, if this email is fully activated or functional, but affected applicants can always try to send their appeal to the email address explaining why they think they are eligible and qualify for the SRD R350 grant.

SASSA also advised and cautioned the applicants to use the official channels to communicate with them to avoid scams that have been scattered over social media.


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61 thoughts on “How To Appeal For SASSA SRD Unemployment Grant R350

  1. I’m still waiting for the first payment since may my name is papike phogole I’d 7812265764085 my numbers 0648399566

      1. Am not working and am still waiting for my srd covid 19 grant .in May it declined,June pending and july then August it declined reason uif wich i hv collected once and am really not working guys my number 0746338930

    1. I’m still waiting for my first payment since from may,my name is Samuel Molefi Adoons.ID no.9603205357082 my cellphone number is 0655941554

  2. I’m still waiting for the first payment since may my name is papike phogole I’d 7812265764085 my numbers 0648399566

  3. Greet I have a problem with getting sassa grant relief’s stress because it appears that I’m rp5 registered but it been 7 months without any payment and work

    1. It’s been a year,not receiving any income, actually I’m unemployed, but my application for may was declined and also June declined, why is it so?

    2. I was declined for May claiming that its because of irp5 which I know nothing about. But strange I was approved for June. My name is Nomonde Monica Hlalele I’d no.7605140543982.

    ID9404165384087.I was declined and reason stating “irp5 registered”.I have never worked since out of school,please check your records correctly as I’m also entitled to this grant and in need.cell 0640790947

  5. Hey I have a problem with getting sassa grant relief stress in June and July because it appears that I’m rp5 registered I dont know why because I’ve never been work since in my life please help

  6. I need to know sassa declined my app cause its been 14 months now unemployed i lost my job because of prolonged cauphing

  7. My name is Tyron Jerome Freeks i applied for the 350rand Grant application was declined for May and June was declined for IRP5 registered .But I lost my job last year May and am unemployed at the present moment, with no income and have a family to support

  8. I was declined for May said receiving funds elsewhere and June declined as Irp5 registered,however I am unemployed since April last year

  9. My name is Christopher Obakeng saku ID 7812255932080 I was declined on my application hence I’m unemployed and not getting any I come or any source or private pleading with the Department to look into this matter and help get approved.

  10. I was decline from may said that I’m receiving funds elsewhere and June said that declined because I’m rp5 registered. What can I do

  11. Hi am not working am not getting money somewhere,and it’s been 6 years not working but since May until now it’s declined, every time I call toll free number it wrote network busy ,pls help I really need this money

  12. I miswrote the surname so I want to correct the surname please help my I’d no 9507051146087 my phone no 081 808 3959

  13. Hey.. I was declined because they said am recieving funds from Nsfas and I don’t recieve any Nsfas funds.. please help

  14. Hi, I was declined since May ,got sms saying details doesn’t match , don’t understand why cause the name and I’d no are mine,pls I need the money I’m unemployed no income,since the covid struggling to put food on table

  15. Hi
    I would like to know why my application has been declined due to IRP5 because I was last employed in September 2019.

    Please assist

  16. I’ve been declined since May Up until July due to identity verification error. I’m in need of the money my name is Emeraan Richards 0744096962
    ID 8805175372089

  17. I was approved for May and got paid,June&July declined reason irp5 registered.My concern is that I last worked in February 2019 and I claim my uif and provident fund but now I don’t get any benefit so I think I qualify for the grant.

  18. My wife name is Chantelle Martha jonkers that’s her surname now,cause we married,I applied for the srg on her maiden name,which is telling…I think that’s the confusen, her id nmber is:
    Please help…
    My phone number

  19. my name is lesetja Jeffrey ramoroka sassa declined my application because of irp5 .it’s been 4 years without a job and i dont have any income so i do gualify this grant cause im south African citizen my identity no is 8205025523088 and my cell no is 07 0762623184 i really need that money because I’m south African citizen and i dont have any income .I thank sassa in advance

  20. it’s 4 years without a job and i dont have an income .sassa declined my application .my identity no is 8205045523088 and my cell no is 0762623184

  21. Chantel Ronel Vorster
    ID 8302020067080
    Phone 073 655 4448
    I applied for the Sassa SRD Grant and it was declined
    I would like too appeal my status
    I was declined on my application hence im unemployed

  22. Hi I’m elmarie Daniels I’m still waiting for my money thit not received any money since day one and it’s not right I’m not working

  23. Goodday i applied in May an it was declined May June an July ,due to I’d verification I was not aware what was wrong but I was informed that the info is sorted out but it still says declined im appealing to sassa pleasecan you review those months ,I was approved in August ,I’ve no income at all I’m struggling till now I’ve recieved no srd money or sms nothing .thank you regards alison Mary Gilbert

  24. Since May I’ve been given all different reasons I declined I’ve been not given any proof of tthose declines and sassa knows my email to send me proofs which mean they are really corupt and they don’t know their job and have no clue of what they are doing why ask our emails if they can’t email the proof they rather send us from pillar to post to delay the payment so they they can feed their families only

  25. Hi sassa I’m very angry why declined me again since May towards my I’D verification but I updated my details again since May what’s going on there check again just do the right thing it’s not like we have any incomes…we dont

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