Here Is Why Ewallet Applicants Of SASSA SRD R350 Not Paid Yet

Among the challenges the applicants of the sassa srd Grant payment is those who chose e-wallet as a way to receive their cash.

Most of these people are left in the dark not knowing what to do and sassa seems to be quiet over this.

Some of these people applied as far back as May, some even see their applications approved and filled their banking details already but still ‘dololo’.

Very very disheartening and disappointing seeing people with little to no means of source of livelihood been treated as such.

One of the members of these group (SASSA Payment) upon visiting one of the Post Office to make enquiries about the Ewallet applicants had this to say, the post he made to the group is found below :

“Yesterday I visited Sassa to seek some unswers and this is what I got
People who are sent to post office are 1.those who chose e-wallet but their number is not registered in their names.
2.Those who didn’t go back to sassa through their links.
3.Those who where pending for long time, so sassa just send them to post office to avoid waiting any longer.
4.Those who entered invalid bank accounts or accounts that doesn’t belong to them.
NowÔśŁthose who chose e-wallet and their cell number is registered in their names are still waiting because negotiations are not yet been riched with banks. That’s the explanation we e got from sassa.
Thank you “

Thobela Mahlakung

From his narrative it is clear, that some people will have to wait forever especially those who did not use their own accounts.

They may be directed to the Post office to collect their money.
Once again because of the bank charges, sassa is trying to negotiate with these affected banks to scrap off the charges entirely as this stipend is nothing to write home about to attract bank charges.

We are keeping our fingers crossed and if there is any update from sassa or post office, we will let our readers be aware of it.


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