Good News? SASSA Started Payments

Sassa has confirmed that payments of the special relief of distress payment has started.

The frustrations, the agony, the stress, gnashing of teeth, the insults, what have you?

At long last there appears to be a light at the end of the tunnel as SASSA through one its Twitter post has confirmed that payments of the special relief of distress also known as unemployment grant of R350 has started.

Payments are streaming in be patient we using very few staff members due to lockdown. Remember not to apply more than once we will contact you once we have processed your application

SASSA Official Twitter Handle

Prior to this, SASSA had assured applicants that Friday, 15 May , 2020, they would start payments. But, unfortunately, that did not materialize possibly due to the high number of applications.

As at 14th May, 2020, SASSA has received a grand total of 3,585,040 applications from their various channels namely, the USSD (SMS), email, WhatsApp and online.

SASSA has requested that applicants should exercise patience and be calm as they verify all the applications so that only deserving applicants are benefitted.

SASSA has also reiterated that, after approval of the applicant’s application, SASSA will officially request the applicant’s mode of payment either through SMS or Email so that money can be transferred into the account.

In another reply to a user’s comment on Twitter regarding the start of the applications on 11th of May, 2020, SASSA made it clear that, all those who may have applied before the official start of the applications may have to reapply.

They have also urged people who are receiving grants from government in any form should not apply as that will make their workload huge and overstretched.

If you have not applied yet, please visit here to apply for the sassa special relief of distress grant. You can also visit sassa official website for more information


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  1. I wanted 2 knw wen are we getting sms of approval and wen r we getting this 350 we want 2 but food plz sassa be quick

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