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Alternative Income Source Identified: Heritage Day Message From SASSA to SRD Applicants

Alternative Income Source Identified: Heritage Day Message From SASSA to SRD Applicants.

To many South Africans, Thursday 24th was a great day as they are all celebrating the Heritage Day which is even a National Holiday.

Sadly, most of the applicants of the #srd #R350 grant were not happy when they checked their status.

Sassa has sent them indicating that they have identified alternative source of income.
Wait a minute! Alternative source of what? They are baffled and dumbfounded. Why? Because they have been approved and paid for the last three months so what happened all of a sudden decline?

What has SASSA detected to give them such a message without reason.

It is really a game changer and they suspect that sassa may have ran out of money thus why they are adopting this new kind of tactics.

Some of the applicants were given a message “referred” which is obviously vague and has meaningless.

Earlier in June when people were declined for such vague reasons, the CEO of SASSA came to tell the general public that henceforth, they will be more specific on the reason for the decline, so what has changed within this period of time, that has turned things back to the old state.

It leaves much questions than answers the minds of the applicants.

These turn of events have given people some degree of suspicion that sassa and for that matter government has something to hide.

More coming soon…….


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7 thoughts on “Alternative Income Source Identified: Heritage Day Message From SASSA to SRD Applicants

  1. Sassa want us to comment on their utterances waste our time this is nonsense how can I be declined for 6 months while I’ve as well suffered as all people under corvid always different reasons every month I’m told to appeal

  2. May June July approved.then boom August decline their reason is there’s alternative income identified,where does that income come from ,look I lost my job in 2015 and today I’m told that I have an income.This is nonsense,please come with another excuse because this one is not for me

  3. AUG Payment DECLINED Alternative source income identified. ALL because I opened FNB account deposited some of my June/July grant. WHAT alternative income??? SASSA SAID open bank account payment will be faster for future payments. You cannot open a bank account with NO MONEY! Please pay my AUG grant

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