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Breaking News : You Can Update SRD R350 Grant Personal Info

How to update/Change your Personal Info for SRD R350 if Declined

In an attempt to improve their response to the challenges face by some applicants of the ongoing temporal Social Relief of Distress grant if R350, SASSA has introduced a new avenue to help those who were declined on the basis of information mismatch.

This come a day after giving a chance to people who would want change their payment options to their preferred bank account.

To update your personal details visit the site or use the Moya app from

When you open the link scroll down to the last section of the page with heading “Request Name and Surname Update”

Enter your ID number, Names and Surname in the spaces provided and click on Submit button. It must however be noted that, the name must be accurate and must be the same as you have on your ID or Smart ID. Failure to do so will still make your application be rejected.

Below is the message SASSA wants to have your attention :

Request Names and Surname update ” applicants who’s SRD Grant application was declined based on incorrect names and surname information provided, can complete the fields below and request that their information be updated. Please ensure that you enter your ID Number, names and surname exactly as it appears in your South African green ID Document or on your Smart ID Card. Your names and surname will only be updated if it matches your details on the Department of Home Affairs database.”

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64 thoughts on “Breaking News : You Can Update SRD R350 Grant Personal Info

  1. Ever since I applied in June my status still pending no response when I check my status they say I must call 080 060 1011 while it was call busy since from June still now I’m not working it’s been 3yrs now please help me sassa I did get my uif in 2018 in January until June 2018 now why my status still pending for so long ? Please assist

    Kind regards
    Mzuvukile Mabukazi

    1. The same here I applied on behalf of my aunt, reason for rejection being identity verification for all these months. August still pending I’ve been trying the 0800601011 number with no luck, sent emails to the complain email address.

      My aunt is so furious thinking that I used her money and we have not received any feedback. My worry is that when she goes for voting she has been using the same identity document. Maar why are the social development people playing with othe people’s feelings. My aunt never worked her entire life.

  2. Ever since I applied in June my status still pending no response when I check my status they say I must call 080 060 1011 while it was call busy since from June still now I’m not working it’s been 3yrs now please help me sassa I did get my uif in 2018 in January until June 2018 now why my status still pending for so long ? Please assist

  3. Hi I am Andile Sambo from hazyview at mpumalanga province am complaining about srd grant application it decline reason of irp5 registered and am not working

  4. Good people help me out here how long do you wait for the money to reflect on your account after you updated your details from post to bank or what do you do to follow up.

  5. Hey people i apply for my mom nd sister bt it keep saying decline or pending nd i dd change the details several times plz help

  6. Hi
    My has applied and declined because of identity verification not matching but when he trying to update the sytem say it was requested the past 24 hours.
    My question what does that mean.

  7. Hi i applied on may but status says
    declined but my mom is talking care for my children I’m not the who’s receiving social grant

  8. My status had declined reason NsFas registered;I’ve apply for nsfas last year just to apply .en am not even receiving any income ,am not at school.

  9. Sinsce I applied for my brother it has not been approved. When I check the status it says the phone number is wrong. How so I don’t know. Please help me with steps to re-apply. He is not working he realy needs the SRD.

  10. How long does it take for a status to change after updating personal details if you were declined due to mismatch information?

  11. I am Siyabulela Anthony Mhatu l applied in May for the social relief of distress grant but till today my application failed for the reason I don’t know,my identity number is 7411075828089 l used cell number 073 604 5882 when I applied but now l use 068 094 9694 and l hope you will consider my application
    Siyabulela Anthony Mhatu

  12. I miswrote my my surname so they decline my application,so I want to write a correct surname plz help

  13. I miswrote the surname so I want to correct the surname please help me my I’d no 9507051146087 my phone number 081 808 3959

  14. I applied on may i got declined and pending on june and got declined again it say identity verification failed i dont know anymore please help

  15. I was declined because of the I’D verification while I was declined in May and pending in June how can that be while since March I’m not working 6505156013080 my ID no

  16. Hello my name is Simphiwe Mashalaba can someone from sassa help me ever since I applied for srd grant my application has been declined since May until now it says it declined due to identity verification

  17. I applied for SRD grant ,than I only received an SMS that ID verification declined.i tryed to apply for the second time but decline,

  18. Hi how come I was declined while I haven’t been working for almost 4years now.
    I thought this grant is for unemployed people. I really don’t understand why it’s taking the government to fix this system because by now u guys should be able to pick up who’s working or not.
    No shame this government is really failing us.

  19. ever since i apply didn’t get any feet back please help me don’t know what to do tell me guys

  20. I am declined alternative income source identified and am not working i am unemployment,what does it mean with someone not work nd there is no proof for what have you said about alternative income source,can you please recheck againg nd show me proof please

  21. For the past 2 weeks my status said pending… And when i checked again it said declined :alternative income source identified?what is that suppose to mean, because I have been unemployed for the last 3 – 4 years…..
    Is there a solution to this problem?

  22. I feel so unhappy about the R350 i never work in my life i apply for it and get Declined from May till August how must i update my ID if nothing is working im Declined for identification failed everything is fine but still got Declined so unfair

  23. My name is Phindile why my grant is diclined but I’m not working I got my first and second payment Im still not working now I’m diclined why

  24. I have been approved but need a bank account …I can’t open an bank account because of my I’d issues…is there no other way I can receive my money…please help.

  25. I was declined for JUNE & JULY,was approved for AUGUST & SEPTEMBER.I already received my 2 months,will I receive my 2 months I was declined and how do I get it.

  26. Hi how are you, I’ve been declined since last year saying I’m getting uif. Which I’m not and it bothering me and want to know how can I fix it. Please help me.

  27. My name is Agnes Sibisi i have been continuously applying for social relief grant but my application has been declined reason being i really have no idea … please i need your help… your sincerely Agnes Sibisi…I’d no 6212160526088

  28. My name is nonduduzo tembe I have been continously applying for social relief grant but my application has declined reason being is nsfas But I don’t receive nsfas any more and I am no longer astundent I appyied when iam at school but I am not longer receive it ….
    Your sincerely Nonduduzo tembe I’ 000313 0877 081

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