Breaking News: SASSA Starts Sending Approval Messages to Qualified Applicants -R350

Information gathered so far indicates that SASSA has started sending approval messages to qualified applicants who applied for the unemployment grant of R350. The much awaited response message which is requesting the recipient to follow a certain website link to enter his payment details.

Sassa has said that all qualified applicants will be contacted to give their payment details when approved. It is interest to note that the main website link is the one used for the online applications

sassa on Twitter

SASSA has come under severe criticism over its delay and apparent inability to start payment as at now.

Sassa claimed the reason for delay is the less number of staff working at their offices due to the global virus protocols.

They also added that some people used multiple channels to apply using the same ID. They will have to sort all these double or even triple applications to make sure only one is paid.

According to sassa, it has been revealed that a large number of the applicants do not qualify.

Below are screenshot of some of the qualified applicants who received their approval messages.

More Coming Soon…

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66 thoughts on “Breaking News: SASSA Starts Sending Approval Messages to Qualified Applicants -R350

  1. I applied 2 weeks back still haven’t received any feedback from sassa no msg nothing

      1. I have applied for employment Grant but still I didn’t received any massage for approval since I applied on june

  2. I’ve applied two weeks back and I haven’t received any request confirmation or feedback

    1. Were you given a confirmation of successful submission? Try to apply using the same channel if the system has captured your application already, it will tell you you have already registered

    1. Was application successfully submitted? If not reapply and see if you have already applied or not

  3. I’ve recieved an s but I deleted it by mistake before even adding my banking details. How can I get the banking link back?

  4. I’ve recieved an sms but I deleted it by mistake before even adding my banking details. How can I get the banking link back?

    1. For now that would be difficult, get in touch with SASSA on Twitter @ for assistance

      1. I ve been approved payday 29 may n been filed 2020:06:26 but still haven’t got a sms from sassa for my bank details.

  5. Same here it’s been a month now no respond from Sassa only says my application is submitted. But will I get or am declined nothing

    1. I apply in May already but my application are still on penidng and I don’t know what is going on. No reply or no message that say you are approved or declined what is going on with this unemployed fund. Why say people must apply and then this is what happen.

  6. Sassa cant we get respond to our application, i did apply for my mother, my father and my brother using the *137*3477# still no response we are hungry and they Are old please.

  7. Hi , I have applied in Aprill on your 0600123456 number when that number was live. Then i applied on the your website i got a ID application Ref number on the 11th May. It says that my application is pending, but no response further. I also applied via wattsapp for my brother i got a Ref number for him. His application shows that it’s been submitted but no further response. I know we qualify becoz we are unemployed and get no sort of income from Government. Although there is many that applied after the 11th May that have already been approved and payed. I see there is many that applied on the 11th May that are still awating approval. Please help. How can one see how far is the process. How are you guys selecting your applications is it via Alphabetically or is it first come first serve which i do not think is happening because those that applied after the 11th have been payed already. Thank you

    1. For now SASSA does not give feedback if the applicant does not qualify….

      You have the right to inquire if you’re not approved

  8. i applied using 2 methods ussd 14 may nd whatsapp 28 may but no feed back is there a closing date for applications or what ?

    1. They have not closed applications, just that if you apply in June, you will not get May arrears, you will be from June

  9. I have applied but I got robbed my bag and my phone now I don’t know what to do I don’t have a phone now am using someone else phone and when I check my status it says approved

  10. I recieved today a message of approval from sassa with the link to enter my bank details,but the ddnt open it failed what can i do now to submit my bank details

  11. I need help please.i received the sms went into the link to submit with the ID nmr but it keeps on connected with wifi

  12. Hi my brother received the approval message but when we try to get into the link it keeps on saying bank account yes or no, when I select no bank account it doesn’t open the second page pls help

  13. I still pending now they want me username and password idk what for I never made password or username

    1. Much can’t be said about that new login details. May be SASSA wanna personalized your account. They are yet to respond to this new feature. Let’s wait

  14. Hi…my brother applied on the 11May and it’s been Approved but he haven’t received any massage??

  15. Hy I applied on 11 may. If I check my status it still pending, but others who applied on the same date as mine has been approved and I did call sassa office several times and they also told me to wait for tha approval message but till now I don’t get it. What happened coz we really need this money as our Government promised us.

  16. I have receive a message to confirm my banking details but when i do it keeps on failing what might be the problem

  17. Hi I applied before 15 may then I was approved on the 11 of June then they asked me to put bank details I said I don’t have bank account I chose Nedbank eWallet still now I didn’t get paid

  18. I applied since May still nothing but was approved will i ever get payed and how much for the whole duration.

  19. I have applied for R350 but I have send pressed Post bank by mistake I want to send my bank details

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