News we have started receiving applicants from some srd grant of R350 have started seeing their August status swiftly changing from DECLINE TO APPROVED.

Nobody knows what has accounted for this days after there was mass decline with the excuse (reason) “Alternative Income Source Identified” mantra.

But today, some of the these aggrieved applicants saw a change in their status when they checked out their status.

This will be a good news and sign of hope for the affected applicants.

Applicants are therefore advised to check their to see their new status and follow the necessary procedures to collect payments.

Applicants were given the chance to switch from the default post office pay point to their preferred bank account.

It was to help ease the inconvenience and overcrowding at the post office. This was a source of concern for the #SASSA especially in this era if communicable pandemic.

Please if you are reading this and you were decline for the #sassa #srd #R350 grant payments for August, please recheck your status right away using the link

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    1. May June July August were all declined
      Reason: Identification verification
      But now September is approved but no paydate?

      1. My brother in law was declined due irp5,he once worked but now he has 3 years staying home jobless.but he tried to go to SARS, they told him they have nothing to to with his declined srd.we tried to sent email to ask review for his srd grant but email said it’s block.kindly give us altinetive communication number or email

  1. Im very unhappy im approved for all the months but only get may’s money. Im still waiting for paydates i phone sassa and they just say there is no money. Can you please assist i even contact the presidency help desk. I need the money very urgently. My email adress is

  2. Yhooo good ppl I’m unemployed please can I have my R350z was only paid in May and I’m still unemployed from 2014 March . I’m a single parent guys please yhoooi

  3. It’s been a long I apply for the distress grant but I didn’t get any pay
    I really don’t know what went wrong with it and I have going to the post office they told me that I have no money in the

  4. Hi
    I didn’t receive any funds for two months..
    I got paid on the 31 jully 700 which was combined with june
    August i didn’t get nothing even September

  5. Sassa pay my 350 when i go to bank to collect it the said that the money is reveserd how can i get that money back please helo

  6. I got my first approved on August no paydate and September decline irp5 register what is that pls help I need this money

  7. Hi there. I’m Avril Prins and apply for R350 grant in April since then my status is every month iuf registered. I’m not working since last year. I don’t get any soarce of income. Every month I’m looking out for my status to see when it’s pay day but it’s always decline or uif registered. Can you please help me in my problem please…..

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