Breaking News: SASSA Changes SRD Payment Method


30 July 2020

SASSA Introduces Payment Method Changes for COVID-19 Grant

SASSA presents beneficiaries of the COVID-19 grant with an opportunity to receive their grants at their chosen and convenient outlets. Beneficiaries can now change from one payment method to another. They can change from receiving their grant at the Post Office to a bank account of their choice or vice versa. They also have the flexibility to move from one bank to another.

In order to achieve this, SASSA is opening its system for approved citizens to update the channel through which payment should be made. This will be open from Monday 03 August to Sunday 09 August 2020, 24 hours a day. Approved beneficiaries of the COVID-19 Social Relief of Distress grant can change their payment method by visiting from 03 to 09 August to 2020.

This development is a response to the challenges some beneficiaries have experienced in trying to access their special relief grant from Post Offices. The challenges reported, include long queues and the fact that funds run out at times. Beneficiaries end up having to be sent home empty handed. Beneficiaries of the COVID-19 Social Relief of Distress are requested not to visit the Post Office during the first seven days of the month as that week is reserved for payment of the normal grants.

It is important for beneficiaries to understand that they should not go to the Post Office before they have received the SMS notification that says funds are available. The SMS notification is used to limit the numbers of people reporting to a Post Office on a particular day and also to ensure that sufficient cash is available.

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The appeal is for everyone who does update the details to ensure that their information is captured correctly – if choosing a bank account, ensure that the account is in your name (SASSA cannot pay money for one person into the account held by another) and that the bank account is not closed. The payment process is delayed if money is sent to a closed account, as SASSA has to wait for the funds to be returned before sending it to the Post Office for collection.

“If choosing a money transfer option, please ensure that the cell phone number provided is correct and is registered in your name. Just like with a bank account, SASSA cannot pay the grant into a cell phone which is registered to another person”; said Totsie Memela the SASSA CEO. “We are a listening government and these changes emanate from beneficiaries who appealed to us to provide them this flexibility and we duly obliged”; Memela continued.

The payment of the special grants is quicker if paid into a bank account. Citizens without bank accounts are thus encouraged to open an account. There are many entry level, inexpensive options in the market – some of which can be opened online.
“Please help SASSA to help you access the money to which you are entitled without delay by ensuring that your details are correct, the payment channel most convenient to you is selected and that the information provided is accurate”; Memela concluded.

Any citizen who does not update their information during this window period, or who provides incorrect banking details will have the payments for the remaining months sent through to the Post Office.
Responses to frequently asked questions about this relief grant can be found on the WhatsApp platform on 082 046 8553.

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Issued on behalf of SASSA


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24 thoughts on “Breaking News: SASSA Changes SRD Payment Method

  1. Hi those things of Post office he give use to much problem because we stay far and we use transport to going to collect that money from Post office but we did not receive it like me I was sent my bank details but I get SMS last told me I must go to post office please fix this issue thank you

    1. Kusinikeza inkinga vele uma uthi ufika e Post office kuthiwe umshini usu offline mina ngokwami ngbona kuncono ukthi banikezwe ngesandla imali uma umshini u offline bese umuntu uyasign somewhere as evidence ukthi uholile kunokuthi abuyele emuva engaphethe lutho ekambile usuku lonke emile ngoba lide kabi ilayini kase posini .noma ke abantu bayihola nasezitolo njengeye grant ngoba kumanje silambile asikaze siwathole ama food parcels dince aqala ukvela sesthembele kukemaki manje nayo mayizothatha iskhathi eside kangaka ize ibe phakathi inyanga singaytholile syalimala

  2. I’m also one of those who never received any payment since from may till now thank you…

  3. I apply for 350 because am not working but it was declined on may .i try agein is still on panding .i want to know why ?

    1. My banking details link don’t work i dont know what to do,can someone help please, my nr 0786714938

  4. I never felt like a foreign citizen in my own country till today. I woke up earlier to go and access my COVID19 SASSA – grant I qued at Danville Pretoria Post office at h8:00am till 4pm .Finally I was inside when I went to the tellers I found a lady who asked for my ID document and withdrawal slip. I kindly responded to her that I don’t have my ID document I only have my ID copy and she said I can’t be helped without an ID document. I tried to explain my current situation with the ID document and she replied by saying she doesn’t want to hear my problems. I explained to her my first payment I used my ID copy and we ended up arguing. Initially she decided to call me the Post office manager. I thought well maybe my plea will be understood by the manager to no avail. I had to walk all the way back to Lotusgarden because I had no money.

  5. I was approved got pay date galiema kanasashi no sms pay date only post office refused me pls send me sms 3months now

  6. Since I am approved e got pay date no sms but post office refused me i got notacent from May

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