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Best Facial and Skincare Practices for Women Over 50 Years


Skin care changes as the years go by and a face of a 30-year-old woman does not need the same routines and habits as a woman 50 years of age or older.

If you want to take care of your skin after 50, here we tell you what day and night routine you should follow, what is the most appropriate makeup for your skin and some tips and habits that will make your face look good and healthy.


  1. Daytime face routine for women over 50

Starting at age 25, all women should have a facial routine day and night. Starting at 50, these are the best steps you can take to take care of your facial skin in the morning:

  • Wash your face with cold water

    The first step will always be to wash your face with cold water, to begin cleaning the face and also to activate its circulation. If you get up with very swollen eyes you can try to put two small teaspoons in the fridge and after a while, place them over your eyes. This is a very good trick to deflate them. Huh! Did you know that? Just give a try.
    And if you have a lot of dark circles, you can use the dark circles patches. Some of them also have collagen that, in addition to giving you a better appearance in the morning, will help your skin to have more elasticity and stay firmer.


  •  Clean the skin deeply and thoroughly

    To wash the face, in addition to cold water, you can use a specific product such as a cleansing milk that will clean your pores in greater depth. We recommend you always look for a product that is suitable for your skin type (dry, mixed or oily) or you can also opt for a specific product for mature skin.

  •  Use facial tonic 

To finish cleaning your skin and the pores that have been closed throughout the night, you can use a facial tonic that in addition to helping you clean the face, gives you a cooling effect that will wake you up and make your face look much fresher and brighter.


  • Apply daytime moisturizer with sun protection factor

Finally, we have to apply a moisturizing facial cream. What mature skin have to put on during the day? Especially collagen, which as mentioned before is responsible for maintaining firm skin but can also carry hyaluronic acid that has the same effect. It is also important that you have vitamins and nutrients such as vitamin B and C, which help the skin to regenerate. And of course, you have to have ingredients that keep your face hydrated all day. One of the ingredients that we are seeing the most in moisturizing facial creams and that works best is the rosehip that also helps prevent the formation of spots on the skin.

On the other hand, something that your day cream should definitely have is sun protection. The sun’s rays are the most responsible for wrinkles on the face, as well as drying out the skin and causing facial blemishes. That is why it is essential to apply a sunscreen before leaving in the morning from home and if your moisturizer already includes it, much better. The protection must be at least 30, but we always recommend the 50 factor.

2. Night face routine for women over 50 years

And as we have a day routine, it is also important to take care of the skin once we have returned home after all day, to free the skin of the external agents that have suffered on the day. These are the most recommended steps and products to care for the skin at night for women over 50 or for mature skin:

  •  Remove makeup


The most important thing in your nighttime routine is to make up your face well. Sometimes it can give you a bit of laziness, but it is essential not to cause the appearance of new wrinkles.
To remove make-up you can use many different products and each product works better for other people than others, but here we recommend the one that works best for you and the one that seems most complete.
First, use some cotton discs with a little cleansing oil, which is the product we like the most because it seems very soft and very quickly removes makeup. However, depending on your skin type you can also choose some type of micellar water or make-up removal milk, for example. Always try to use the least aggressive.
Then, with a cleansing wipe for sensitive skin (they are the least aggressive) remove the excess product and any remaining makeup that may have remained.

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  •  Wash your face with warm water

When there is no makeup left on the skin or eyes, you are going to wash your face with warm water, so that the pores open a little and we can clean them thoroughly with the exfoliation.

  • Exfoliate the skin

Although we should not exfoliate the skin every day, we recommend doing it two days a week, with a specific scrub for the face since they are softer than the body. You just have to apply the scrub in circles all over your face, as if you were giving a small massage. And if you want, you can help yourself with an electric facial brush to do it more specifically in areas such as the nose, main bit of blackheads.

  • Wash the face thoroughly with cold water

Once you have cleaned all the pores it is important to wash your face very well because you have removed the dirt and if you do not clean it well, you are extending it and you can cause the appearance of granites. To do this, use some cleansing milk and then rinse with cold water. The cold water will help the pores to close.

  •  Apply serum

After having a clean face and pores, you move on to hydration treatments.
Surely you have heard about the incredible properties of skin serum. There are many types of serum but we recommend that you use the most moisturizer at night since the skin tends to dry out a lot at night. Then you wait for the skin to completely absorb the product to continue with the next step.

  •  Apply night wrinkle cream

Once your skin has completely absorbed the serum, you will then apply your night cream. Night creams differ from day creams in that their main objective is to regenerate the skin while we are asleep and repair it from the damages suffered throughout the day. In addition, they are especially moisturizing.
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  •  Apply eye contour

From the age of 30, the eye contour becomes an essential part of our facial routine at night. This product will help us keep the skin around the eyes firm and prevent the appearance of new wrinkles, such as those known as “crow’s feet”.
The eye contour should be applied in the eyecup area, from the tear, horizontally towards the ear.
After applying your facial cream and the eye contour, you can tap the entire face with the ring finger (the least force of all) in a very soft way, so that the skin absorbs all the products well.

3. What makeup should  to take care of the skin

From 50 we have to be even more careful with the makeup we choose to use. The main thing is to apply formulas that are as moisturizing as possible so that our skin does not dry out and wrinkles do not form so quickly.
For example, we recommend changing the makeup base for a BB cream or a CC cream that are more moisturizing and the result is more natural. In addition, you can get one that has sunscreen and also helps prevent facial blemishes.
Another tip that we can also give you is to change the products in bar or powdered products for cream products, since they are more moisturizing and also lessen wrinkles. For example, you can use a cream concealer and also other products such as the illuminator, the highlitter, the contour or the blush.

4. Tips for caring for facial skin after age 50

Here we give you overall tips on the best skincare practices when you are 50 and above.
As we said before, one of the most important tips we can give you is to remove/clean your skin every night. Dirty skin not only dries out but also causes premature wrinkles and reduces skin elasticity making it less firm.
We also recommend using masks on a weekly basis. Choose a day that you dedicate to relax and get your beauty treatments, such as Sunday, and spend more time taking care of your face.
The masks that we recommend you to use are always one that helps to clean the pores and remove the black spots, which are the famous black masks of active carbon and that you only have to apply in areas that are the focus of clogged pores or blackheads. Then use a moisturizing mask that has natural ingredients such as avocado, rose hip, coconut oil etc.


A homemade mask that we recommend you do once a week is the egg mask. You just have to gather two egg whites in a jar and apply them on your face with the help of a brush.
The egg promotes the production of collagen in the face so it will give us extra help to keep the skin firm and smooth.
The diet also greatly influences skin care, so it is important to have a balanced diet based on vegetables and vitamins so that the face always looks good and with that natural shine that the nutrients we take in the day offer us day.

And finally, do not forget to always use sunscreen before leaving home in the morning and moisturize your skin on the outside with the right products and inside, drinking an average of two liters of water a day.

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