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Approved Without Pay Date, Read This

Some applicants are anxious about the social relief of distress grant of R350. Their anxiety sprang from the fact that their status show that they are approved but no payment date.

It must however be understood that the pay date is automatically generated by the system from sassa and no other person has control over the pay day.

The system is doing it in batches, checking where the applicant’s payment point is.

It is up to the applicant to be more patient and wait for the system to do its work. The high volume of applications being worked on has a lot of pressure on agency.

To check your srd R350 Grant status, please visit the website

Enter your ID number and phone number used to register and click on the submit button.

You have also two days more to switch your payment option to your preferred bank account from Post Office or ewallet if only you are approved.

To do so visit the and scroll down to the last section of the page, you will see all the instructions that will guide to successfully change your payment option.

Enter your ID and submit, you will receive an SMS containing a unique and a secured link. Click on the link and follow, it will give you option to choose your preferred payment option and enter the Bank account number and the account name which must be the same as on your ID.

Sassa will have to verify the account to make sure indeed the account belongs you.

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If you want to use ewallet with any of the partner banks , make sure the sim card is also registered in your name.

Sassa will not pay you if you use any other persons account or if make a mistake in details.


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156 thoughts on “Approved Without Pay Date, Read This

  1. My banking details successfully approved now since im waiting my 350 can you please verify when am i going to be paid as some does know their payment date.

        1. What’s the point of reading this everyday but when you get to the post office they tell you no money…my payday was today ..we use the money we don’t have for transport and comeback home empty handed..I wish they never introduced us to this srd thing coz it’s very depressing

        1. June and July approved payday 31 July and filed 31 July but when I visited post office 3 times they said no money . August & September approved with no payday I’ve been patient enough. I really need to know what’s the delay

      1. Hi I’m Sibongile Finti ever since I’ve been approved for June , July, nd August , September is still pending but I’ve got no pay dates so what should I do coz it be a while ever since I only got paid for may please make a plan I’m really in need. I thank you.

        1. I am approved and only reserved Jun jul August September October November please I need it and stand in lines for the hole day and then there is nothing

      2. My wife was approved, since November without paydates and March is pending May, June and July identification verification failure, but it was fixed, she only received August, September and October payment at the Post office

      3. :I Don’t have my simcard I got rob with my phone so I don’t know how I’m going to get my srd pin n dates n to apeel forand my no non pay dates can some one help me pleas

      4. Please Help I’ve Been Approved Since Last Year Without Paydates Can You Please Fix It For Me Cause I’m In Need Of This Money

        1. Hay I have been approved without a pay date and on my status check is June approved with paydate 31-06-2020 July approved (Without a payda5e) ,Aug Pending still….I went to the post office and they said I must wait for a sms that says money is ready for collection coz I must wait for sassa to create an account for me first…Some of us really need it for important things when will I be paid I’ve been waiting for long now …

    1. Can u pls check 4 me my id numbr is 8708205535081 whn i m going 2 get sassa payment its 1 month now pls

    2. Hello my name are virgill James Botha,I was approved for June July August but still got no date.i did only received Mei money on a July.can you please help.

    3. I applied on july the results came out to be on Approved status. But since then no payments. We are in october now. August is also approved for and september is pending… what might be the problem?

  2. May application was declined and for June is says pending. What is the reason for this as an not working.

  3. How can I be declined because you can’t verify my ID while I was declined in May because of rip5 and pending in June how was my ID verified that time I don’t understand this I’m old not working not getting any food parcel anywhere why playing with us . 6505156013080 my ID 08474008867

  4. I think as soon as u received a sms that u been approved and u must submit your banking details they must send your payment date also

  5. Hi I’m Templeton Masimini my banking details are successfully approved I’ve been wanting for payment it’s 2 weeks now

  6. Hi i want to know when are you putting my money in my account my srd was approved but theres no money still wanting for my first payment,how long does it take i really need the money.

    1. I have been approved and my banking details have been sent but no pay date has been communicated to me from June till now. How long must I wait. Will all these pending months be paid simultenously from June to September ???

  7. Hi I just want to Ask coz I get my first payment so now I get approved before I provide my bank details so I want to know is my money still at post office or what coz I have payday an field

    1. August approved but no paydate September is still pending October not even appear on my status i change payment method on 3 August and i receive confirmation sms from sassa shows that it was successfully but nothing happening from there

  8. I haven’t received my R350 since i applied on june even nou …….i updated my banking details yet i haven’t received anything

  9. May my application decline on June its was approved July also approved when I check my status on whattp they send link for banking details its been 2 weeks trying to open and its say fail when I checked status on moya app its said I was declines may .June and July ufi I’m confused now I don’t know I will get a money ot or not I’m not working its been more than 7 years now plz help

  10. My June an July says approved but didn’t get any payment or pay date . August says pending.I do not have a bank account.plz help me

  11. May declined..June n July approved but no payday since June….I received an SMS said I must put bank details,I do and receive an SMS said bank details confirm but since today I didn’t receive anything…….no payday…no payment…how? August pending,I really don’t know what happened and what must I do now

    I have applyed in June and June and July approved but no pay date what do l have to do now

  13. Used my mums fone to apply since i ddnt have a fone .ive been approved but no pay date .its been 3months and i dont work

  14. What if you dont have a phone or sim card that is registered in ur name and u were approved , no bank acc and u chose ewallet does that mean u wont get the money . because sim is not registered in ur name .

  15. June and July approved without payday but August has a payday, how come June and July doesn’t have paydates??

  16. I’ve been approved since June uptill September but I never recieved any money yet …I went twice to post office and I was told that I’m not even on the system yet ….
    Please help ??

  17. Iam so angry with this damn sassa that’s keep on telling a person to be more patient but still no progress what so ever is happening. I have been waiting from June mouth approve with no payday

  18. Hi I got approved for June, July, August bt stil no pay day I went thr to day to luk after 2weeks bt stil the same answer my money is still not thr….

  19. Been approved since june without paydates…over 2months…now its said we must be patient but ppl after us is either over paid or paid…How is this fair at all???And theres jus no answers other then have/be patient…How will ur patience level look after 2months???

  20. My application is approved for July, August, September but there are No paydays.I tried contacting sassa but there was no luck.Please Help

  21. Hi I’m approved nd no paydate since I update my account postbank I got money may June nd July payment after I update August September approved no paydate I went to post office then say still money not in my account

  22. I have been approved since from May. May was paid however, June July August September all have been approved but have not being paid. Actually what happening where should I make my requests.

  23. Only got approved for September Srd grant all other months was declined and the reason was

    Identity verification failed

  24. My mom approved June July august September but there’s no paydate she only receive one payment for may only

  25. I’m paid via instant cash Standard Bank, since i received payment in August. I’m approved for October November and December but no payment

  26. 6 months not receiving money for SRD SASSA grand my STATUS said referred for August September and October. November and December aproved January pending

  27. Hi i ve been approved for 2month without a pay date May -Oct and I did go to the post office nothing,Dec and Nov shows pending,i dont knw what to do now im helpless.

  28. My STATUS for August September and October November and December started to say aproved but no pay day at the end it said referred now January says aproved but no pay day i don’t understand why from aproved to reffered please do something better im not working

  29. Approve but no pay day from January but February was decline Much @ April approve but no pay day am applied from last year October i was not have pay for R350, when am going to Sassa only tell me wait for pay day till when? because post office tell me am not on the system.

  30. afternoon on behalf of my brother he’s approved with no pay date he never collected any of the monies until now status reflects approved and no declined outcomes yet no pay date till todday

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